Corporate Ethics

Lucky Baby Casino Service Regulations

  1. Observance of the Law:
    Lucky Baby Casino observes the law and the regulations of the jurisdiction where the business runs.

  2. The Responsibility and liability: 
    For the security of our gaming system and to constantly strive for higher creditability from our customers, Lucky Baby Casino agrees to have regular inspections by the legal gambling association or by the government agency and volunteers to submit its system, algorithm, and the service contents.

  3. Protection of the Customer's Data and Privacy:
    At Lucky Baby Casino, maintains to protect our customer's privacy and data. Lucky Baby Casino has a monitoring system to detect any fraud cases and to protect the invasion and the appropriation of the data from inside or outside sources.

  4. Reality of the Advertisement:
    In all advertisements and sales promotions, Lucky Baby Casino promises to base them on the truth and publish only accurate information. The game rules and the signing up procedures are open to all.

  5. Dispute Resolution and Custody:
    For quick and effective dispute resolution, Lucky Baby Casino takes custody of all fund transaction records in detail. The records are in the custody of the archives (in library or the archive folder) and accessible by the request of the gambling association or the government agency.

  6. Access Prohibition to the Minors:
    Lucky Baby Casino sets out to prohibit access of minors to our game system. We will collect customer's testimony that he/she is of legal age and will verify the customer by reasonable methods.

  7. Controlling of the Compulsive Gambler:
    Lucky Baby Casino is continually making efforts to detect and reduce compulsive gamblers. Such as setting up limitations on players' monthly deposits or analyzing the betting patterns and game play.

  8. Transaction Processing and Banking Service:
    In processing of the financial services, Lucky Baby Casino follows the standards of internationally authorized Banks and financial institutions and depends on the law of the jurisdiction.

  9. Withdrawal:
    Lucky Baby Casino manages customer's balance points as cash. You are required to be verified by PIN for your withdrawal request which allows you to remove 100% of your balance. We always do our best to payout to our customers quickly

For further questions, please, do not hesitate calling our Customer Support Center at any time.